About Us

sapphire-2-mobility-scooter-4Our adventure started in 1991 when Dora Petki after graduating from the International Peto Institute in Budapest /Hungary has accepted a contract to work with kids with Cerebral Palsy in a town of Orange/NSW.

After a year of hard work she achieved great results, and some of the parents wanted her to continue to work with their children.

After applying and gaining residency she started working with some local kids on the Sunshine Coast. Her work results and commitment has spread within the local community and other children wanted to come as well.

Dora with her husband has moved up to Brisbane, and she started working as a sole trader, and later established Footprints Creative Rehabilitation Services.

In 2005 we opened a mobility equipment retail store “Walk on Wheels Newmarket” near the Brisbane CBD in the Readings Newmarket Shopping Centre. Managed by Dora’s husband Norbert we serviced the community with various mobility aids and equipment.

In 2012 to assist customers with more convenience, the mobility equipment side of the business have moved from operating from a retail store to a mobile based business.

From January 2015 the retail side of the business has changed its trading name to Footprints Mobility Equipment, which involved changing from franchised based retail to fully independent business. We continue to offer mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs for sale and hire. We also provide on site servicing for mobility equipment.